The Warner-Bratzler cell can be used to determine the resistance of sliced cheese towards blade penetration.


Sliced cheeses are placed on the Warner-Bratzler base plate. The cut inside it allows the blade to cut through samples without trouble. Three different types of sliced cheeses are used: cheddar, mozzarella and emmental. A 10mm compression test at 1mm/s allows the blade to cut through the entire cheese.


         TX-700        Warner-Bratzler          Software


The Warner-Bratzler cell is capable of determining the resistance of sliced cheese.

This resistance is represented on each graph by a peak. We can clearly observe the difference between the 3 types of sliced cheese towards the blade puncture. The final plate can be linked to the adhesion of the cheese along the blade after the perforation.

The TX-700 equipped with the Warner-Bratzler cell is perfectly capable of differentiates multiple samples of sliced cheeses.