The Warner-Bratzler cell with V-blade is used to assess firmness of meat such as sausages.


Sausages are placed on the Warner-Bratzler base plate. The cut inside it allows the blade to cut through samples without trouble. Three different types of sausage are used: pork, chicken and vegetable (wheat and peas). A 21mm compression test allows the blade to cut the entire sausages.


       TX-700           Warner-Bratzler          Software


The Warner-Bratzler cell is capable of determining the needed “bite force” to cut through sausages.

This “bite force” is represented on the graph by the peak on each graph. Where meat-based sausages show a clearly defined peak, we can see that vegetal sausages have a more linear and less intense response. So, when vegetal one has a more uniform and soft texture, the meat-based one shows a two layers structure with a harder external skin and a softer flesh inside.

The TX-700 equipped with the Warner-Bratzler cell is perfectly capable of differentiates multiple samples of sausages.