The 3 points bending fixture is used to determine the rigidity properties of hard products such as rusk (wheat or gluten-free).


The rusk is placed horizontally and symmetrically on the 3 points bending fixture in order to apply the force right in the middle of the sample. Then a few centimeters (2.5cm) compression is applied at 0.5mm/s to break the sample.


       TX-700          3 points bench             Software


Using this device, equipped with the 3 points bend cell, variety of hard products can be mechanically analyzed. The adjustable bench allows you to characterize different types of rusk (wheat or gluten-free) with only one cell.

The TX-700 can be used to assess the mechanical properties of rusk. We can see that there is a difference in the required force to break the rusk. Gluten-free rusks are much more brittle than the wheat one. The curve irregularities come from the crackling of the product during the compression.

The TX-700 is the suitable device to test the mechanical properties of hard product like rusk. It is possible to use it in both quality control and R&D.