Two similar products such as low-fat and full-fat mayonnaise should have similar texture. That’s why the determination of elasticity, consistency and stickiness is primordial.


During this test, 2 samples of mayonnaises are tested. The three-step process is conduct firstly with a 10 mm compression step at 1 mm/s, which characterize the consistency. Next, there is a 20 sec relaxation step characterizing the elasticity. The final traction step which characterizes the stickiness takes place at speed of 1mm/s.


        TX-700       Half Spherical 40mm     Software


Using either the computer software or the TX-700 integrated software, we are capable to determine Fmax, Fmin and the relaxation of the product via a CRT method.

In the example above, we can see that both products show similar properties. Indeed, both products have about the same relaxation and similar Fmax and Fmin.

Therefore, thanks to the TX-700, little differences allow us to differentiate two samples with very close physical properties.