Mesh probe is used here to measure the consistency of 2 different kinds of fruits yogurts. Using a compression test, it can quantify the consistency of products but also the presence of fruits inside.


Mesh probe is fixed on the sensor. The measure can be made directly inside the pot or inside an external one. During this test, a 20mm compression step is programmed at a speed rate of 1mm/s.


       TX-700             Mesh probe             Software


Mesh probe associated with the TX-700 allow us to determine the consistency of fruits yogurts. Thanks to the device, it is possible to characterize the yogurts texture.

Response to the pressure applied on the fruits during test 1 (first pressure) shows us that the TX-700 is perfectly suited to analyze thus kind of products. During test 2 (second pressure) fruits are already at the bottom of the pot, so the TX-700 can only measure the texture of the yogurt cream. Response increased at the end when the probe meets the fruits at the bottom of the pot.

So, the TX-700 is perfectly suited to perform this type of measure on dairy sample such as yogurts.