The 3 points bending fixture can be used to determine the rigidity properties of soft-solid products such as cereal bar.


The cereal bar is placed symmetrically on the 3 points bending fixture in order to apply the force in the middle of the sample. Then a 25cm compression is applied at 1mm/s to bend the sample.


       TX-700           3 points bench            Software


Using this device, variety of soft solid products can be analyzed. The adjustable bench allows you to characterize different types of cereals bars with only one cell.

The TX-700 allows us to characterize the mechanical properties of 2 different brands of cereal bars. So, it appears that the « same » product shows 2 very different mechanical properties. One of them (red curve) is easier to bend than the other (blue curve). However, the curves don’t show any sign of rapid breaking of the cereal bars.

The TX-700 is the suitable device to test the mechanical properties of soft-solid product like cereals bars.