The usage of a knife probe allows us to cut through hard samples such as cat snacks. The required cutting force is one of the main parameters in preparation of dry food.


The snack is placed on the rotary base plate of the TX-700. The knife probe is placed just above the sample. The test consists in a compression which is going to cut the sample. The compression distance has to be inferior to the size of the sample.


     TX-700              Knife probe               Software


Using this device, variety of hard products can be cut. The exchangeable blade prevents the blade from falling apart (blunting). The blade size (57mm long / 0.7mm thick) allows precision cut through very small samples (e.g. cat snacks).

The TX-700 allows us to characterize different properties of cat snacks from two different manufacturers. We can see that there is a difference in the required cutting force to perforate the crust of the snack. The other smaller peaks along the curves are due to the “crispness” of the snacks.

We can see the soft heart of the product by looking at the final plate.